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Katsucon 2015 - Outer Senshi by King-Bobbles
Katsucon 2015 - Outer Senshi

"Unlike the previous Sailor Soldiers, we were given even stronger powers."

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! We have an Outer Senshi group and I couldn't be happier! We're going to be bringing these cosplays to Anime Boston with all of our weapons in tow! Can't wait! <3

Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus:
Sailor Pluto:
Sailor Saturn:

Photography by HM Photography:…
Ice Queen of Fort Briggs by King-Bobbles
Ice Queen of Fort Briggs
Photo by Alex Kavalchuk
Editing by me


Here's my cosplay I did of Olivier Mira Armstrong! I debuted it at Katsucon 2015!

Drafted and made by myself! The sword was made by my boyfriend.

From top to bottom:

The wig is Arda Wig's Le Tigre in Platinum Blonde. I made a glued hairline on one side and pushed it back. I also waved the ends on the wig.

The uniform jacket is patterned myself. It's a blue suiting fabric with silver bias tape all made by either Melanie or I. I did a slip stitch on either side so there were no visible stitches. It's held closed in the front with snaps. The medals are actual US Military medals but for things like Excellence and such. The cord is sewn together and the edged are wrapped with grey pleather. 

The pants were from an existing military pants pattern but made out of the same blue suiting fabric.

The buttcape was drafted by me. It's held up by many snaps that snap to the waist of the pants. Once again, lots of hand sewing.

The boots were bought.

The jacket was made and drafted by me. I used an old trench coat as a base for the draft. I hand sewed the fur and all the bias tape. There's a purple lining on the inside as well.

The sword was made by my boyfriend. It's completely out of wood with a grey pleather wrap on the handle. All I did was pick out the paint! Ha ha!


I'm planning to digitize the pattern I made for the military jacket and butt cape and put it up for anyone to use! I've just got to get around to making it! Look forward to it! :)

My cosplay page:

My Instagram:
Thank you for checking out my DeviantArt! I'll be posting mostly cosplay-related pictures here. 

Be sure to check out our cosplay page at!

Thank you! 

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